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By Saving Moms Money - Melissa on 1/26/2012 09:44:00 AM
There are many ways to get new products delivered to your mailbox for free. One of these ways is by joining a word-of-mouth marketing network.

The process of word-of-mouth marketing begins when the company selects people within specific demographics relevant to the product and asks them to join a marketing campaign for that product. Sometimes the company will automatically send you a product and sometimes you will be asked if you are interested in reviewing the product. If you decide to test or review the product you then have an obligation to spread your opinion to others by talking to your friends, family and neighbors and sharing coupons that the company often provides you with.

Below are a list of my favorite Word-of-Mouth marketing companies. I have received many products from these companies.

She Speaks

Purex Insider

You need to apply and be accepted. They are currently accepting applications.


Vocal Point

Pssst General Mills

Kraft First Taste

House Party
Apply to host a party sponsored by big named companies. If you are accepted you are given products, coupons and gifts to throw a party revolving around a theme or product.


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