Use your local Library to Save Money!

By Saving Moms Money - Melissa on 12/13/2012 01:00:00 PM
Did you know you can easily cut costs at home by using the library? There are many misconceptions that the library is just a place to check out books, but our local libraries offer so much more.  Most libraries offer many services for free. You can check out the latest dvd's, magazines, cd's, go online for free and even sign up for free classes or programs. Stop filling your home with books and dvds that will only be read or watched once. Rediscover what your library has to offer, while keeping a few extra dollars in your wallet.

Many Libraries have the following free items for you to check out:

Books - Check out a book instead of spending money on one that'll collect dust on your coffee table.
Magazines - Magazines at the grocery check out lane can cost up to $4 but is FREE at the Library.
Dvd's - I have utilized this one a lot, especially getting children's videos for my son!
Audio books
Scanner - I've scanned photos, and school papers. No need to buy one.
Fax Machine - for a fee

Libraries have many programs and classes for free.
I recently signed my son up for a toddler program that is once a week. I love that he gets to interact with the other children his age and also listen to stories (ok, we are still working on that part). I have also taken a microsoft excel computer class, the quality was just as good as taking a class at my local community college.

Many libraries have:

Classes - computer classes, language classes, every library is different
Tutoring- some libraries offer this
Programs - most libraries have reading programs for children, book clubs, after school activies, and baby & toddler classes.
Meeting Rooms - this is great if your local club needs a place to meet

Some Libraries even offer FREE passes to your local zoo, aquarium or muesum.

Remember that you can go on your counties library website to find all of this information out. I love that I can do many things online such as request books/dvds, renew them, sign up for classes and have access to programs such as Rossetta Stone ( Yes, that $200 Rossetta Stone program) for FREE.

To find a Public Library near you click here or here


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