Make Money from Home: Ebay, Textbroker

By Saving Moms Money - Melissa on 10/06/2009 10:39:00 AM
I have talked about making money and getting freebies by Mystery Shopping, and I have talked about making money by doing almost nothing with Youdata & SwagBucks. Today I am going to feature three more companies. The Companies below have helped me make a little extra money from home to put towards our bills and other expenses. The jobs I am featuring today WILL NOT pay your mortgage but are helpful to use if you are short on money for the month, or if you want a little extra spending money. Everything I share with you is 100% legit and I have been paid from these companies before. If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me.

EBAY - The World's Biggest Garage Sale

My first work at home money came from Ebay! Ebay is like a glorified online garage sale, and your audience is the entire world! Ebay is a great way to make extra money and you can start by selling stuff you do not use around your house. I started by selling duplicates I received from my baby shower and then moved onto garage sales and outlet malls. I have made about over $500 on a good month.

Have old shoes you dont want? Sell it! Work clothes that don't fit, Sell it! Broken camera or remote controll? Sell it! Toys and kitchen dishes? Sell it! Almost everything sells on Ebay!

Where I find items to sell that has worked for me:

Your Home Sell anything around your home that has not been looked at for months. Pre-pregnancy Clothes, toys, baby clothes, even broken digital cameras or printers sell on ebay!

Garage Sales
Research online what sells, Gymboree, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren sell great! I have sold infant Ralph Lauren Jeans I purchased for $1 and resold for $15! Every once in awhile you can get lucky too! I bought old Beatles records for $.10 each and sold for $60! What is nice about garage sales is if you make a mistake and buy something that does not sell you arent losing out on that much money since you only paid .50-$1.

Outlet Malls
Do you live near an outlet mall? Luckily I live in Florida where there are plenty. I have bought Designer purses heavily discounted and have made $50-$100 profit on each one.

The only peeve I have with Ebay is their always rising fees, they charge you a fee to list, they charge you a fee to upload photos and they take a fee out of your profit once it sells. You can get around the fee to upload photos to your listing by uploading photos to a free photo website such as (ask me if you need help!)
- Write Articles, get Paid!

If you enjoy writing there are many sites that you can make money writing articles. I personally have experience with, but others include Associated Content, and Helium. For you submit a writing sample to apply, which in return is graded to decide what you will be paid (There are three levels). From there you can pick from a list of article idea's that need to be written that fit into your qualifications. The earning potential can be high if you write many articles, but if you are like me and only enjoying writing about something that interests you, you may not make as much money. You will be given directions on what to write about, once you are done you send your article to the client for approval, if approved you get paid!

Next week I will talk about making money and getting free products to try by taking surveys! Don't forget to check out my other ways to make money online.


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