*GONE* First 20,000 Get a FREE Photo Gift

By Saving Moms Money - Melissa on 12/01/2009 09:17:00 AM
This offer has reached its 20,000 limit!
There are only 20,000 free coupon codes. Go to American Greetings and find the advertisement on the RIGHT side that Says Today Only, Free Gift (same image you see in this post). If it doesn't show up the first time keep reloading. If that doesn't work try using a different internet browser! After you click the advertisement you will be prompted to pick either a Calendar, Photo Book, Holiday cards or a $25 coupon. You may or may not have to pay shipping. Some people are saying you only have to pay shipping if you pick the $25 credit instead of one of the gifts.

You have until Dec. 31st to use your unique code. Be sure to write it down and don't Lose it. You than go to Photo Works to make your free gift.

This should go Fast!! I SUGGEST you use the code ASAP You NEVER KNOW if they decide to retract the offer or what not (I have seen it happen before..with JCPENNEY's!)


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