Free Beech-Nut Welcome Kits!! Sign up for 3!!

By Saving Moms Money - Melissa on 1/24/2012 09:30:00 AM , , ,

There are three Beech Nut Starter Kits you can sign up for! Each kit comes with money saving coupons.

Free Beech-Nut Stage 4 Toddler welcome kit

FREE Beech Nut Next Steps Starter kit

FREE Beech Nut Starter Kit

Signing up for these kits also signs you up for their email newsletter. Delivery takes 3-5 weeks.

After signing up I got 2 coupons in my email,one for $1 off any 8 oz Beech-nut cereal, the other for $1 off any 3 Beech-nut items. The kit you get in the mail comes with several high value coupons too! Not sure if you can use the same email to sign up for all three, I signed up three separate emails just in case.

Dont forget to save you Beech Nut labels. You can mail them in for Beech Nut coupons through their reward program.Link


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