Mystery Shopping: Earn Money & Freebies

By Saving Moms Money - Melissa on 1/09/2012 09:52:00 PM ,
Mystery Shopping is a great way to earn extra money as well as receive free meals, free products and free services. I started mystery shopping back in February as a way to earn a little extra money as well as eat out and shop for free! I have been able to take my family to expensive restaurants that I would not normally go to. And I have bought clothes and products in stores that I normally would not shop in. I also get my hair cut for FREE by mystery shopping. There are many types of Mystery Shops. You can shop a restaurant, fast food, retail stores, zoo's, theme parks, and even hotels and mechanics. Virtually any company that offers a product or service uses mystery shopping as a well to improve their quality of customer service.

What is Mystery Shopping?
Mystery Shopping or Secret shopping is used by market research companies to measure quality of retail, dinning or entertainment services for clients.

What are Mystery Shoppers? Mystery Shoppers are normal people hired by the Mystery Shopping company to act as a normal customer to obtain information on the client's services, such as food quality, customer service quality, and cleanliness of the store or business. The mystery shopper does not reveal their identity to the client and reports back to the Mystery Shopping company by filling out a survey online.

How am I paid?
Every company and every mystery shop you participate in is different. You are almost always reimbursed for your purchase AND paid a fee for your time. The Fee is typically between $5-$25. Some companies pay every week, some once a month and some 60 days.

Work when you want to! You get to pick the shops you want to perform and days or times that work for you!

Here is a list of companies that I have Shopped for and been Paid by and have my favorite clients! Every Company has different clients, and due to signing a Non Disclosure Policy I am not allowed to say what clients each Company has. I suggest signing up for all of them and see what clients each has in your area.

Market Force



Shoppers Critique

Best Mark

Corporate Research International

Service Sleuth

Please be aware of unsolicited emails or newspaper ads that claim you can earn a living as a secret or mystery shopper by earning $1000 a week! Most times these are fake. If you are uncertain if a company is real of fake please ask me. And NEVER pay to be a mystery shopper, if it is legit it will not cost you any upfront fees.

Please Leave a Comment if You have any questions about Mystery Shopping!


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