Enter to win a $25 Publix Gift Card for Italian Days!

By Saving Moms Money - Melissa on 2/16/2012 07:00:00 AM , ,
Congrats Valerie Taylor
Publix Italian days is Here!!!! This is my FAVORITE time of the whole year to shop at Publix. during the Italian Days sales I stock up on Pasta and sauces, enough to last me for a year! I just used my last pasta sauce last week from Last years Italian Sale!

Items on sale include products from Progresso, Green Giant and Muir Glen.

While visiting Italian Days at Publix from February 16th through February 29th, you can also enter the Taste the Tradition Italian Days Sweepstakes for a chance to be 1 of 500 shoppers that will win a $100 Publix® gift card, sponsored by General Mills. This sweepstakes is VERY winnable, I won 2 years ago!!

To enter to win the Taste the Tradition Italian Days Sweepstakes and download great coupon savings and delicious recipes, look in-store or follow the instructions below:

  1. Click – Stay up to date with the latest General Mills promotions happening at Publix, by visiting ClickCallMail.com. Once you’re registered and logged in, you can participate in any the current promotions.

  2. Call – If you’d prefer to enter the sweepstakes and participate in other promotions via telephone, feel free to call the General Mills hotline, at 1.800.627.6059, and be sure to say that you want to enter the 2012 Italian Days Sweepstakes. Please be sure to provide your complete contact information (Full name/address/zip code/phone #).

  3. Mail – If you prefer to participate via mail-in entry, print and mail your complete contact information (Full Name/address/zip code/phone #) to 2012 Italian Days Sweepstakes, P.O. Box 44257, Atlanta, Georgia 30336.

Saving Moms Money $25 Giveaway

I will be giving away a $25 Publix gift card to one lucky winner.

How to enter
Leave a comment Telling me your favorite post on Saving Moms Money, don't forget to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win.

For an extra entry, Follow me on Twitter and leave an additional comment letting me know!

Contest ends 2/20 at Midnight EST.

Disclosure: The Publix gift card, some information, and giveaway have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.


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  5. Sandi
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    Love your weekly cvs posts.
    Thanks so much.


  7. peg42
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    I love your weekly Publix ads. They help me plan me weekly shopping trip.


  14. marcia goss
    http://www.savingmomsmoney.com/2012/02/enter-to-win-25-publix-gift-card-for.html?showComment=1329488753308#c7011426063171597743'> February 17, 2012 at 9:25 AM

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    cdziuba@aol.com I JUST discovered how to save at CVS, so the posts you make each week about CVS appeal to me.


  28. cdziuba
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